It is a Choice

That’s right, quitting smoking is a choice, and precisely – your own choice. It is the same as when you picked up your habit of smoking – you choose to pick it up! And you have also choose to carry on with smoking. The choice for this continual practice will gradually shift towards the addiction! […]

Myths and Facts – Nicotine Addiction and Genetics

Over the past few decades, an increasing number of individuals ranging from minors to teenagers including adults are engaging into the habit of smoking. As a result, more people are experiencing the addictive effect of nicotine. Since it is actually highly addictive, frequent smokers eventually develop nicotine addiction from cigarettes. In response, the US government […]

Addiction Or Simply Habitual?

The question of whether smoking is an addiction or simply a habitual activity can give rise to much heated debate. Many smokers believe that smoking is just a habit and that they can quit smoking at any time. Many medical experts and non-smokers however believe that smoking is an addiction and that for the vast […]

Consequences of Smoking

Consequences of smoking range from health to our social life. Most of the people who are involved in smoking hard stuff like marijuana and cannabis become ignored and isolated because they are less productive in society. Health Most of the people who smoke have a bad health as their body can not be able to […]