How to Relax When It’s Hard to Relax

Some people have a hard time relaxing. It’s something that is tough for some as it’s difficult to just let go of things and be at peace. If you are a person who has a tough time relaxing, find out what you can be doing that will help you learn how to relax. Take some […]

Smoking And Weight Loss

Studies have shown that heavy smokers burn 200 calories a day because nicotine increases the rate your body burns fat, when your body metabolism is high you will lose weight faster. That is why when you quit smoking you well gain-weight. According to research four out of five gain some weight after quitting smoking however […]

Quit Smoking and Not Gain Any Weight

It’s a statistical fact and there are studies to back it up too. When a woman who smokes decides to do the responsible thing and quit smoking for her health, she ends up being rewarded for her determination and her resolve with an average weight gain of about 10 pounds. Why should this happen? It’s […]

Side Effects When Quitting

Giving up nicotine can be an uphill struggle for many who try, but a lot never even reach the stage of giving up because they are too scared of the side effects when quitting smoking. People hear so many horror stories from those that have tried, and sometimes see the effect that quitting has on […]