Withdrawal And Side Effects

When you stop smoking there is a good chance you will experience a stop smoking symptom or two. These are caused by the withdrawal effects of nicotine and by the side effects of changes in your body from not inhaling the toxins in tobacco smoke. An unpleasant stop smoking symptom may give you an excuse […]

After You Quit Smoking – What to Expect

After you quit smoking, there a number of physical and neurological symptoms that your body goes through. Many of which obviously can make things a bit uncomfortable and difficult to resist satisfying your desire for nicotine. Here’s what to expect after you quit smoking. Plan for the symptoms to continue for about 8 – 12 […]

A Quit Smoking Support Group Can Help You Succeed

Many people have successfully stopped smoking by themselves but joining a quit smoking support group is often recommended because it will be much easier for you to stop smoking completely when you are a part of such a group. A support group will have many people you can talk to. They are people just like […]

Making it Stick – Quitting Smoking With Lifestyle Changes

There’s a lot of help out there for people who want to stop smoking. Nowadays we have prescription medications available, nicotine replacement therapy, natural or herbal supplements to help, support groups, hypnosis and many more. While all or many of these treatment regiments can help you stop smoking or at least get through the rough […]