Cold Turkey Or Support Groups?

Everybody’s smoking habit is their own, even though every smoker shares some very common characteristics. But, individual physiology and chemistry, genetics, social pressures and environmental cues all influence an individual’s smoking pattern. I once treated a patient who told me he could never even think about quitting smoking. He thought this because his mom and […]

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

If you’ve already tried a variety of the stop smoking aids, and you’ve tried quitting smoking without any help at all, you may think it’s just not meant to be. If you haven’t tried quit smoking hypnosis, you should take a minute to consider the possibility. When the word “hypnosis” is mentioned, many people immediately […]

Successful Cessation

If you have finally made the decision to kick the habit, you are in luck. There are several successful cessation quit smoking methods you can choose from to help you reach your goal. You can even combine several methods to make sure your journey is a successful one. This article will cover some of the […]

Most Effective Quit Smoking Method

Allen Carr, from London, England was a chain smoker for thirty-three years. In the summer of 1983, after countless miserable attempts to quit, he discovered what every smoker dreams of: an easy way to stop smoking. Later that year Carr left his extremely successful career as an accountant (he was Chief Financial Officer of a […]