Methods Reviewed

People find it hard to quit smoking because they are addicted to nicotine. Nicotine, the alkaloid that comes from the nightshade family of plants, is one of the main ingredients of tobacco and has proven to be extremely addictive to humans. Smoking is what is known as a recreational drug but the side effects of […]

Simple But Effective Methods

It is definitely not an easy task trying to quit smoking. The fun smokers get from smoking makes quitting such a gargantuan task. But there exist several methods you can make a choice from towards quitting smoking! In this article, I will share some with you highly effective quit smoking methods! A: QUITTING GRADUALLY: This […]

Nicotine Replacement Methods

Stop smoking aids are seemingly everywhere. There’s a couple of different pills you can take, some gum, even a patch. So which ones work and which ones don’t? That is a good question. Let’s focus on just the nicotine replacement therapies and how they compare to quitting cold turkey. 1. Nicotine Gum 2. Nicotine Lozenge […]

The First Step To Stop Smoking

Cigarette smoking is always unsafe. It has been observed that those people who smoke 20 or more cigarettes a day are likely to take twice as many days off work annually than non-smokers. Forty percent of heavy smokers who are now aged 35 are likely to die before reaching their retiring age compared with only […]