Consequences of Smoking

Consequences of smoking range from health to our social life. Most of the people who are involved in smoking hard stuff like marijuana and cannabis become ignored and isolated because they are less productive in society.


Most of the people who smoke have a bad health as their body can not be able to fight diseases because their body has a lot of nicotine elements in their blood stream and this affects the circulations of blood to the whole body making them to have ulcers which are painful. Even most of them suffer from lung cancer which interferes with their respiratory system. Loss of memory is also one of the consequences of smoking hard stuff and the victim looses dignity among the family members and the entire community at large.

Cardiovascular diseases

The diseases include atherosclerosis or coronary artery disease that is caused by the deposits on the walls of arteries, thus reducing the ability of blood to flow through them and if the blood is blocked from going to the heart it causes someone to have heart attack where the lack of oxygen to the heart damages it and begins to dry if not treated. This may also lead stroke or permanent damage of the brain or even death if blood flow is compromised from reaching the brain.

Lungs diseases

These diseases can be treated if the situation has not aggravated like the lungs bronchitis where the airways of the lungs are inflamed. Emphysema which damages the air sacs and air ways of the lungs that causes obstruction in airflow to the lungs when breathing is not curable. The most deadly lung problem associated with smoking is lung cancer, which causes chest pains, and leads a victim to cough blood and it is only a few people who have lung cancer survive for a period of five years.

There are also other related types of cancer associated with smoking and they include bladder, cervical, esophageal, kidney, leukemia, mouth, pancreatic and stomach cancers and they also make the victim at risk of dying.

Consequences of smoking can also reduce the productivity of a person in terms of having children as it causes penis dysfunction and to women it may temper with them to an extent that they can not conceive.

To avoid all this consequences of smoking we should adhere to the instructions so as to avoid premature deaths and diseases that can be avoided as most of the people can do without smoking and that is why most of the tobacco industries gives a stern warning to all tobacco users.