First Step to Stop Smoking

Even if it has been long time since you started smoking, do not despair. Take your time to know why you smoke, why you want to leave it and how will you do it an when.

Looks for a Reason – A thing you need to clearly know is: no method is effective if you do not have the firm conviction that you want to leave it!

The first step, then, is to absolutely be convinced that you do not want to continue smoking. And this is obtained by having a good reason, a MOTIVATION. Not everyone stops smoking for the same reason, look for yours, and find it so that it is sufficiently powerful and important. Remember, it must feel like truly yours, something that really matters to you.

For some people, for example, the health of their children has been more important (who often took colds and had frequent respiratory problems) than their own health. Other people have commented man different reasons, as:

– To finish finally with a harmful and expensive custom.
– To save the money that is spent in cigarettes, phosphorus, burners, doctors, etc.
– To recover the taste and the sense of smell.
– To stop breathing badly.
– Not to have the ugly yellow color of your fingers and teeth.
– To feel more healthful, to breathe better. Not to feel so exhausted when climbing stairs or making some exercise.
– Stop feeling guilty by the sensation of ending your own life.
– Not having to cough nor clearing your throat in the morning.
– To take less colds.
– To avoid the dangers of cancer and cardiovascular diseases that all smokers can have.

Think, what can be your reasons? Make lists with them. Sort them by importance. When you know your reasons, repeat them to yourself one time and time again every day, in the morning when waking, during a break at work, before falling asleep, and think about their deep meaning.