That’s right, quitting smoking is a choice, and precisely – your own choice. It is the same as when you picked up your habit of smoking – you choose to pick it up! And you have also choose to carry on with smoking. The choice for this continual practice will gradually shift towards the addiction!

So how can we equate this logic?

Since you can choose to pick up the smoking habit, you can also choose to quit the habit of smoking! It is that simple. And choosing to quit is the first step in your quest to quit smoking.

Think about it yourself – when you do something, or when you are asked to do something – it is primarily your own choice to do it or not to do it. It is not someone else’s choice that makes you do it. Nobody can impose their choice on you to do something that you do not want to. When you decide to do something, you have chose to make that choice, and remember, it is you and only you who have make that choice.

Quitting smoking is hard, that is what most smokers says. It is hard simply because they have not choose to quit! They are just going, moving and sailing along the way of quitting path, neither here nor there, just drifting – there is no hard statement of intent from themselves. So under this condition, how can they succeed in quitting smoking?

The simple act of choosing a choice equals the strong intention to act on the choice and to accomplish it.

Think about it again – when you finally purchased that something that you have long for, maybe a iPod, a new shirt, a jambulani ball, etc…or the vacation to the location you have wished for a long time to visit, maybe to South Africa or Switzerland, etc… those accomplishments, those realities are the result of your choice – you choose to want those things and therefore, you have the strong intention to get it, to accomplish it.

Do you see the link here? Quitting smoking is a choice, precisely, it is your own choice – whether you want it or you do not want it – there is no sitting on the fence, you either do it or not to do it!

But quitting smoking brings about side effects, such as withdrawal symptoms…blah, blah, blah…sure, I called them excuses, and not reasons, that you have chosen to rely on not to quit smoking.

Wouldn’t the proven harmful effects of smoking such as lung cancer (which by the way, kills 1.2 million yearly), heart diseases (which by the way see 85{f8faa16a15d4c6b1343a4f76df4909fe99a729a767f1e0686de702147c135f06} of smokers died from), and many other diseases caused directly or indirectly by smoking, be a strong reason for you to choose to quit smoking? Perhaps, to look it in another way – a strong excuse for you not to continue smoking?

Think about it. There is still time to win the quit smoking race, but there is no more time to lose!

It has already been proven beyond doubt that smoking kills! So why still hang onto it? Release it, choose to release it. I have make that choice to quit eleven years ago, and the choice has given me enough strong intention to carry out the quit smoking quest. There wasn’t any withdrawal symptoms that I faced – the strong intention eventually takes care of that!

Choosing to quit will brings more goodness and benefit not only to you and your health, but also to your loved ones, family members, your friends and to those around you – they will not get to inhale your second-hand smoke, which by the way is also harmful and kills, too!

Choosing not to quit will continue to bring more harm and damage to you, your health progressively. Smoking is a silent killer and a slow killer too! And sure, your loved ones, your family members, your friends and even those around you also will be affected by the harmful effects.

Think about it and choose wisely. Quitting smoking is a choice – your own choice.

Making a choice is always the first step in accomplishing – whether it is for success or for failure – they are the same first step.

There is still time to win by choosing wisely, but there is no more time to lose.

Choosing to quit is the first step that most smokers fail to take and that is why most of them fails.

Act now before it is too late.

By admin