Quit Smoking and Not Gain Any Weight

It’s a statistical fact and there are studies to back it up too. When a woman who smokes decides to do the responsible thing and quit smoking for her health, she ends up being rewarded for her determination and her resolve with an average weight gain of about 10 pounds. Why should this happen? It’s a healthy thing to not smoke isn’t it? It’s just that smokers have poor appetites. The nicotine places a damper on your appetite. Once you come off the habit, your appetite kicks back in and you start to eat more. What is the best way to quit smoking without the weight gain effect? There are a few little strategies you can use to stay on top.

Reading about weight-loss plans, have you ever heard of this little magic trick – that right after a meal, you should rush to brush your teeth. When their have their mouth nice and clean, people don’t like the idea of putting food into their mouths and getting unclean all over again. It helps people keep from snacking after they have finished a proper meal. This could actually work for how you might crave a cigarette; it could also work for how you might want to eat a lot more now. Just brush your teeth after a healthy meal and let the feeling that you wouldn’t want to do anything to take away from a nice clean mouth, help you stay away from more food or cigarettes.

Not that the brushing trick will work every time. Sometimes, you’ll just be too hungry to care about your freshly brushed teeth. You can plan for a moment of weakness like this by carrying a supply of healthy snacks with you everywhere you go. If you have baby carrots or celery sticks in your purse, you aren’t going to want to run off to the vending machine and hit the button for a bar of chocolate. It should be the best way to quit smoking without putting on weight.

Working out is an excellent way to take your mind off the craving – or cigarettes, or food. A great way to keep yourself committed to an exercise routine would be to get on the plan with your friends. When you have a couple of friends working out with you who have the same kinds of plans that you have, you’ll find it hard to let them down. You’ll also find that the endorphins that your body courses with when you exercise, block the craving you have for nicotine.

Your weakest moments craving for food or cigarettes will be the times that you always used to smoke when you had the habit. Nicotine addiction follows a well-timed pattern of craving and satisfaction. You are going to crave food about the times that your body wants nicotine too. This could be too much for your willpower. Trying to schedule something involving other people at these times. Friends or other people can be a great way of taking your mind off the craving.

And finally, most people who try to quit smoking who fall off the wagon, do so because they think that the craving for nicotine is all they need to pay attention to. That’s not really so. There is a powerful oral fixation aspect to it too. Your mouth just craves for something. Try to keep a supply of sugar-free lollipops for such a time. The best way to quit smoking is to take care of all the angles.