Quit Smoking Step by Step – Without Severe Craving

How many times have you decided on a Sunday to quit, and expected that it would all be over and done with by the end of the week but by about Wednesday after you have finished yet another packet of smokes you find yourself wondering if you will ever quit.

24 hour Rapid Detox

Have you seen those adds on the TV which claim that you can have a whole new body in 24 to 48 hours with this miracle detox program, and of course because the celebrities use it then it must be good. But think about it, would you really want to follow even 10{f8faa16a15d4c6b1343a4f76df4909fe99a729a767f1e0686de702147c135f06} of today’s celebrities as so many of them are messed up.

There is no such thing as a complete detox program, and if there was one it would take longer then they claim. If you look somewhere in the fine print it will most likely be some unknown chemical that your body naturally releases in this small period of time.

Quitting Cigarettes in 7 to 14 Days

Could this be possible, yes it is, and I have seen people do this by going cold turkey. But let’s face it how often are people really succeeding in this short period of time.

I have also seen people give up by using gum and all sorts of different processes, but many people also restart smoking again within a short period of time as they were not really prepared, but I admit that some people do succeed.

Step by Step

A step by step approach can be achieved with gradual preparation to quitting. There are many techniques out there that allow this to happen. The idea is to work on releasing the triggers that cause you to run to a cigarette. Obviously we may have many triggers that cause our minds to run programs that tell us to “light up a smoke”

Once you spend the time, and I mean real time, maybe even 30 to 60 days at clearing the links and releasing all the stress you will be ready to quit. One process which does work is EFT, as it allows you to release the negative emotions connected with triggers to smoking. You will find instructions on how to use EFT by searching the net. I have also heard people having success with using other energy releasing tools.

The point to remember is that the more triggers you have which cause you to light up a smoke the more you have to release, but what is better, spending time smoking for another 30 years or spending time on quitting and remaining as a non smoker for the rest of your life.