Successful Cessation

If you have finally made the decision to kick the habit, you are in luck. There are several successful cessation quit smoking methods you can choose from to help you reach your goal. You can even combine several methods to make sure your journey is a successful one. This article will cover some of the popular methods to quitting smoking, but there are obvious other methods also available.

One of the most popular cessation quit smoking methods is the patch method. A smoker is prescribed a nicotine patch. They wear the patch on their skin. It gradually releases nicotine into the body through the skin. They may start out with a patch that releases a high amount of nicotine before moving on to patches with lower amounts of nicotine being released.

The objective here is to get their body to start producing the serotonin, endorphins and dopamine that it used to before they started smoking. By gradually reducing the nicotine, the body should be able to gradually kick in and get back to the normal state it was in before the person started smoking. Using the patch also attempts to reduce the very negative reactions a person’s body will go through when nicotine is stopped abruptly.

Sometimes the patch is used with other methods like psychological counselling. It may also be used with other methods as well. However, the patch does have its pros and cons. It is a lot less painful than just cold turkey quitting, although many people do successfully quit cold turkey. It just depends on the person involved.

Many people use the nicotine gum as a cessation quit smoking method. It is thought that this method helps by allowing the person to have access to nicotine through the gum and also chewing the gum, in a way, satisfies the urge to have something in their mouth, kind of like a cigarette. This method of quitting smoking is usually used in combination with other medications and psychological counselling.

Another popular cessation quit smoking method is using laser acupuncture. This is where a light source is used to stimulate certain energy points in the body that will increase the production of the serotonin, endorphins and dopamine in the body. These are the chemicals that are produced when a person smokes. The body eventually stops producing these chemicals because the nicotine does it instead. Laser acupuncture will cause these natural chemicals to start being produced by the body again. This helps eliminate the negative reactions to nicotine absence. Usually, a person can stop after one or two treatments only.